Miranda Sings gave birth to baby boy

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Miranda Sings

In Ariana Grande’s music video Thank You, Next is Colleen still turns up very pregnant, but she is now the proud mama of a baby boy. “I love him so much,” she writes in an endearing photo on Instagram, with the little boy on her chest. “He is perfect”, she responds on Twitter. Prior to the birth warned her followers with a photo of herself in the hospital bed: “There we go.”

The birth came a little earlier than expected. “He came so early because he Christmas not wanted to miss it.” She continues her message with a joke. “I was so happy that I am pregnant.” Also let them know that there will be a video of the birth of her ’perfect little angel’ online will come. “It will take a while, so have patience. I have a few days to get to my cute son to look.”

Her channels have more than 16 million subscribers. On the channel that fully meet Miranda Sings is dedicated, she has since this week, the 10 million subscribers, a serious milestone.

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