Mick Jagger aside by younger girlfriend

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The 23-year-old girlfriend of the British singer Mick Jagger (75) has a point put behind their relationship. In the meantime, would the woman is already with another (older) man dating.

The Rolling Stones-star is known as a real womanizer. He would say that with more than 4,000 women share bed, and “the men haven’t even counted”. Jagger has eight children with five different women. Three years ago, he changed the mother of his last child in for the much younger Norwegian Alfallah.

His latest conquest has him now let this sit for a another man. They would have fallen for the billionaire Nicolas Berggruen. Her new flame is again a lot older and seems, according to some, suspiciously like Jagger. The early relationship is, according to several entertainment media is already several months underway.

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