Michael Boogerd replaces Dan Karaty in final Boxing Stars

57b1154e207780fd38f12824bb2ecde5 - Michael Boogerd replaces Dan Karaty in final Boxing Stars

Michael Boogerd may after his loss against Dan Karaty however, in the final boxing

Dan Karaty has a tear in his biceps and found it to be irresponsible to this the boxing ring. Michael Boogerd was therefore sat night late approached to the finals in the class lightweight to boxing. He lost last week from the well-known dancer. “I believe it is still not real. They called me yesterday evening very late, when I was actually already in bed. When they called a last and then I could not say no. I may again tonight, to the bucket,” said Boogerd Wednesday morning in the ochtendshow of Giel Beelen on Radio Veronica.

“It is certainly not nothing. Last week I was not quite myself. Normally you find it you still have fun if you a revenge, but I must say that I after my first race not really full tank, I was able to train like I want. It was last week, not really top, so I don’t expect now will be much better. But I have said yes, because I can only say no.”

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