May look at the vote of confidence in

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The position of the British prime minister Theresa May is coming under increasing pressure. Later today will find within her own Conservative Party, a vote of confidence in place that its leadership contest.

When the prime minister, the deal she had made with Europe last month by the throat of her government rammed, the air of the rumors that the hard Brexiteers under the leadership of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson a coup against her would commit. Therefore there are 48 letters be gathered from Conservative members of the house of Commons. That couppoging died a silent and quick death. The 48 letters were never met. Until yesterday.

The vote of confidence in against May will Wednesday take place between 19 and 21 hours, reports BBC. If the half plus one of the Conservative members of parliament the trust terminates, it is done with its prime minister. The question is whether the party that dare, for who is there in the place? A hard Brexiteer who resolutely choose for the no-dealscenario?

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