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“Max Verstappen is the epitome of a good guidance”

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Follow triple F1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart embodies Max Verstappen process which ensures that young exceptional talent to flourish.

It’s all quickly gone for Max Verstappen in 2015, he started his F1 career with Toro Rosso and today, he’s allowed himself a five racewinnaar call. He owes a lot to Red Bull, that him in all sorts of ways has supported in his way to Formula 1 and currently he is, as it were, a showcase for the youth groups of the Austrian formation.

Triple world champion F1 Jackie Stewart believes that Max Verstappen is the embodiment of a good guidance.

“We have new riders, we have fresh blood,” said Sir Jackie Stewart in an exclusive ‘F1 Fan Voice session of questions.’

“And they are there, suddenly Max Verstappen and put the whole thing on stilts. He comes to and it does is, in a certain sense, a rejuvenation for the Formula 1.”

“Red Bull has a lot to do, support him during the opstapklasses. Today, however, it is more difficult than ever for a young rider to break through, to have the resources to do that.”

Stewart wants that companies and manufacturers are more committed financially to young riders to support in their training. Early in a young rider to invest in accordance with the likeable Scot is a win-win situation, mean in the longer term.

“Multinationals would have to be committed because everyone drives a car, whether it’s a FIAT or a Ferrari. That would be a few commercial companies have to stand out and that they are racing, because it is contagious. It also provides young riders with him and, hopefully, there will be also big successes grow out of it,” concludes Stewart.

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