Marco Borsato wins Drone Award

370458e52e5b253ba4076166aff4117b - Marco Borsato wins Drone Award

Marco Borsato

The clip consists entirely of dronebeelden and the public voted best dronevideo of the year. The singer is pleasantly surprised with the win of a Drone Award: “As a big fan of drones, I give this award to a beautiful place in my trophy case.”

Marco Borsato should have won the prize and is himself an avid dronevlieger, but he made the recordings of the music video itself. “All credit goes fully to the creator of the video”, so light Borsato modest. The aerial photos were made by Jelte Keur, a professional filmmaker, which in 2014 all the price won with his controversial dronevideo of the Utrecht dom Tower.

The Drone Awards since 2014 awarded annually to the best dronevideo of the year. The organization recognizes the two main specialties within drone-cinematography: aerial photography and Racing. From the hundreds of entries were in two categories, four videos were nominated, of which one per category by the public, was voted best dronevideo of the year. The video of Rene Sebastian from Best won the Drone Award in the category of Racing.

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