Lieven Scheire win no what-price 2018

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Lieven Scheire is the winner of the no what-price 2018. With that price awarded to no what every year to an organisation, project or person that clear language is used. “Lieven Scheire explains in a clear way about science. So is science accessible for everyone,” says no what Tuesday.

Scheire is known from radio and television. He presented, inter alia, ‘Scheire and Creation” and “The know-it-all”. “He gives clear explanations about the wonders of nature. For example, in the tv-program ‘Team Scheire’ and the podcast ‘Nerdland’,” says the organization.
Lieven Scheire was Tuesday are not present at the ceremony. He sent, therefore, a film in which he no what thanked for the prize and in which he let us know that he is a big honour to the price. “Especially when I see who the price for me won.” Previous award winners include Chris De Nijs, Jill Peeters, Dimitri Leue, Vincent Kompany and Goedele Liekens.
Scheire took the Tuesday under more of ‘Spice’, a project of the High Council of Justice. The Council wants to lawyers, this encourage to always have a clear language to use.

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