Liam Payne gives virtual reality concert in London

8d3c8791b8b894b3090868d5bf78f076 - Liam Payne gives virtual reality concert in London

The concert, Liam is organized by MelodyVR, a British startup that since a few months, on demand virtual reality show offers from various artists. The concert, Liam is the first show that is broadcast live via the app of the company.

People with a Oculus Go or Samsung GearVR headset can the concert. They can decide from what camerapunt they occur to view that and they can during the show also the position of the camera exchange. MelodyVR promises to be even more features during the concert in store for the viewers.

A few countries

Liam is very excited about the show. “It is of course great for the people who live in,” he says. “But the fact that people all over the world my action live can follow, but it’s all very, very special.”

The app MelodyVR is a few countries available. In addition to the United States and the United Kingdom can also viewers in the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany and Austria the show live.

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