Kerstmarktschutter Chekatt (29) had quite a criminal record

8c57e95e8136b455a9f4e8333045d827 - Kerstmarktschutter Chekatt (29) had quite a criminal record

STRASBOURG – The alleged shooter of Strasbourg, Chérif Chekatt, has a big criminal record and was known to the authorities. The Strasbourg-born suspect was in the French intelligence services registered as radicalised, violent, and had an exaggerated bekeringsdrang.

The alleged shooter of Strasbourg, the 29-year-old Chérif Chekatt.

According to the French minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, Chekatt both in France and in Germany held there. He came already in his young years in trouble with the police for criminal offences that are not linked to terrorism. Because of his later radicalisation, he was already a few years by the police followed.

Chekatt was in France all the so-called Chip’s list. That is a list of muslims that are radicalised, but have not yet gone to terror.


The French newspaper, Les Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace writes that Chekatt in 2011 has been sentenced to two years imprisonment, for the assault of a teenager with a broken bottle. In Germany, he was according to Der Spiegel, convicted for serious theft, and sat until 2017 fixed, before he was evicted.

Tuesday morning tried to set a police unit C. in his house on suspicion of attempted murder and robbery, report French media on the basis of sources around the research. Three people were arrested but the police knew C. not to address. During the search would be grenades found.

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