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Ivan Leko is proud after a tie of Club Brugge and get praise from Diego Simeone: “This is a historic and fantastic”

648221664ede7215bce3fab73ad54033 - Ivan Leko is proud after a tie of Club Brugge and get praise from Diego Simeone: “This is a historic and fantastic”

Club Brugge has Tuesday the Champions League off with an impressive 0-0 draw for his home crowd against Atlético Madrid. According to coach Ivan Leko may blue-black, the kampioenenbal with lifted head to leave. “We should be proud of our Champions League campaign.”

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The Team played well-organised and egg so after they had the Spanish club over and over. In the second half showed a substitute Peres a dot of a chance. “In a way I am disappointed, because the biggest chance of the match was for us,” said the Croatian T1. “On the other hand, had Atlético in the first 20 minutes two opportunities to come.”

“In this strong group four matches, not losing, that is historic and fantastic. Especially after that zero eighteen, two years ago,” said Leko. “My players are mentally very strong shown, because the pressure was tremendous seen results in the past. Atlético wants the final in their own stadium to play, but is now second in our group. First or second in the poule is a huge difference when the draw for the eighth finals. So I chapeau say to my team.”

Not only his players, but also Leko as a coach has a lot learned from this campaign. “I stood against trainers as Lucien Favre, Diego Simeone and Thierry Henry. Therefore I’m certainly a better coach now. This was a great experience for me.”

As third in his group, Club Brugge European adventure is now continuing in the sixteenth finals of the Europa League. Saturday is the national champions in the league on a visit to KV Kortrijk, had blue-black is caught in a lesser performance against smaller teams. “Hopefully we can be the anthem of the Champions League take it to Kortrijk. We will same mentality should show like tonight, which is not always the case, has been in the Jupiler Pro League,” decided Leko.

REACTIONS OF THE PLAYERS. “We can be proud, but there was a lot more during this campaign”

Diego Simeone: “I found that Bruges is great played”

After the 0-0 draw against Club Brugge need to Atlético Madrid, the group’s profit in Champions League-group A at Borussia Dortmund. The Borussen defeated AS Monaco with 0-2 on the slotspeeldag. “I found that Bruges is great played against us,” said Atlético coach Diego Simeone in the Jan breydel stadium. “That they showed earlier against Dortmund and join us in Madrid.”

The People had difficulty to Club Brugge out of context to play, as recognised Simeone. “All we have in the first half really played well. We only knew not to push through and finish it. The sharpness in front of goal was missing. The second half was more gelijkopgaand”, continued the Argentinian.

“We wanted to be at the top of the pool end. That is unfortunately not succeeded. We were not good enough. However, I am pleased that we are in the eighth-finals will be decided Simeone.

On 1 June the final of the kampioenenbal in Atlético’s Estadio Metropolitano.

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