Germany fears kerstmarktkiller: extra border

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AMSTERDAM – Germany has anti-terreureenheden at the now guarded border with France. The fugitive gunman of the kerstmarktdrama in Strasbourg would be possible for our eastern neighbours want to escape – or even already have fled.

The Germans carried out additional strict border controls at the border near Strasbourg.

That reports the German newspaper Bild on the basis of sources in German and French security services. The 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt also lived for some time in Germany, but was expelled after he for some thefts and a heavy assault first by a term of imprisonment of more than two years got, which by the way, he is not properly finished. He was considered a danger to society and, therefore, was extradited to France.

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Germany fears the arrival of aanslagpleger Chekatt and put additional control in.

The man with Algerian roots would include at a dental practice in Mainz and a pharmacy in the town of Engen have been burgled. He was two years ago by a court in Singen, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, condemned. Also, he would be a young German with a smashed bottle into it, so reporting multiple media in the country.

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Before that, he was also already in contact with the criminal justice system in other European countries. The German news agency DPA reports that Chekatt in 2008 in France and in 2013 in Switzerland in the container ended up for multiple thefts.

The German authorities would be sun morning have received an alert from their French counterparts that Chekatt possible to cross the border would want to escape. He was in the period that he is with our German neighbours stayed mainly in and near the cities of Mainz, Frankfurt and Konstanz.

Border controls

The French-German border are now anti-terreureenheden with bulletproof vests and machine guns. In the Netherlands, hardly any measures are taken. Customs officers are ’extra alert’ at the border, now the suspect of the attack in Strasbourg is still on the run.

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After Chekatt Tuesday night near the christmas market of the North-French town with an automatic weapon opened fire, and at least three people to the life brought, he fled. There is a manhunt going on.

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