French politicians call yellow bibs on to ‘responsibility’ to show

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The French secretary of state for Home Affairs, Laurent Nunez hopes that Saturday in the framework of the movement of the yellow shirts ‘fewer events’ will take place. He charges to his own words, after the deadly attack on a christmas market in Strasbourg, on the responsibility of the French.

There is currently no national ban on demonstrations, he continued. ‘So far, we are not yet. Only in Strasbourg are manifestations prohibited”, said Nunez on France Inter.

“After the announcements (of Emmanuel Macron red.), the openings that are created and the dialog that is now to be launched, we hope that the call to manifestations less is followed or not even applicable anymore. There were requirements, which are formulated and heard. At a given moment, we must return to a form of normality, ” says Nunez.

“I hope that we are not more so many troops to mobilize, simply because of a general sense of responsibility ensures that there is less or very less events will be’, added the secretary of state again.

The attack in Strasbourg on Tuesday night, killing three and thirteen injured, ” has the situation changed considerably, but the threat was there also’. If there are as many manifestations as last Saturday, ‘we will be, just like back then, are prepared for, and also now plenty of arrests, ” he said finally.


Vice-president Damien Abad of the French centre-right party Les Républicains (LR) said on Wednesday it hoped to ‘a truce’ of the yellow vests. ‘A truce is necessary, out of respect for the memory of the victims and because our police have’, he declared on Sud Radio.

According to Abad, there is after the attack ‘need for a call to be calm, to responsibility’. ‘The French will not understand why our police forces can not fully be deployed in the fight against terrorism, ” he said. Tuesday night was also the chairman of the LR, Laurent Wauquiez, the yellow vests all called to be Saturday, not the manifest.

On the fourth global day of action of the yellow bibs last Saturday were about 136.000 protesters counted. More than 320 people were injured, and in many of the cities were demolitions made. Especially Paris, Bordeaux and Toulouse, were severely affected.

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