French police keep raid on the 29-year-old shooter

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Strasbourg – There is a manhunt going on in a district of Strasbourg, after a 29-year-old man with an automatic weapon opened fire and people started shooting. A source says around 23.15 hours at Reuters news agency that the offender is cornered. Four persons were killed and eleven got (heavily)injured.

According to the French LCI the man would Tuesday morning be taken by agents to be questioned in the context of a murder case. The man was not at home. The man is now searched in a case that is linked to extortion and murder. According to the same news site in connection with this case Tuesday morning, four men were arrested.

The French ministry of the Interior called for neighbors to stay inside and speaks of a “serious security incident.” Also would the center of the city are evacuated.

The German police reported via Twitter to be alert and a border crossing to have closed.

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