Four dead and eleven wounded after a shooting at the christmas market Strasbourg

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Strasbourg – In the shooting in the centre of Strasbourg are four dead and eleven wounded cases – including seven seriously injured, report French media. The police go out of a terrorist act.

It is unclear what exactly is going on. The shots were heard in the vicinity of a christmas market, reports a source in the security forces. The area is closed off by the police.

Alleged perpetrator identified

The suspected shooter has been identified. The manhunt is still underway. According to various media, there would be a shooting occurred between the police and the offender.

Emergency services are in large numbers on the spot, but how the situation exactly is, is not known.

The French ministry of the Interior called for neighbors to stay inside and speaks of a “serious security incident.”

The French president Emmanuel Macron has been informed about the shooting in the city in the northeast of France. The minister of the Interior is on the way to Strasbourg, reports the office of Macron.

Comment mayor of Strasbourg

Mayor Roland Ries of Strasbourg via Twitter his compassion show:

“There were gunshots everywhere and running people,” said a local shopkeeper on the French news channel BFM TV. “It took about 10 minutes.” The christmas market was as a precaution, all heavily guarded. Cars were not allowed in the area and visitors had their bags checked.

European Parliament in Strasbourg

This week meets the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The parliament building is located kilometres outside the city centre, where the annual christmas market. Yet it was the Parliament last night in ‘lock down’, everyone who was still there had to binnenblijven.

But many parliamentarians were already about the city uitgezworven. “Us is now advised to stay inside,” says CDA-Mep Jeroen Lenaers, who, together with his colleague, Wim van de Camp what was going to eat. “Through the windows we see the police drive-by. I don’t know if I have to go to my hotel, because that is approximately the place where it happened.”

Also, the VVD Mep Hans van Baalen was just a meal and speaks of an ‘unreal situation’. “Everything is upside down. We are about 2 km from the christmas market. The culprit is still on the run, so the door of the restaurant is finally gone.”

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