Female fans rave about Justin Theroux with this woman

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Justin Theroux

Not because there is a new liefdeskoppel has arisen, but because they them a real power duo. Theroux poses with the 85-year-old chief justice of the Us Supreme court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was more than 25 years ago, the second woman ever appointed to the highest court of America. About her is not only in may this year the documentary RGB came out, but also appears around Christmas movie, On the Basis of Sex, with protagonists Theroux and Armie Hammer.

He received a record of reactions and even the female fans are lyrical. “This is the only woman I have the gun to get next to you.” And: “My two favorite people in 1 photo! Melts.” “That is if the photo on the go with the ultimate superhero.” “Just when I thought that you are not sexier.” A fan loves both Theroux as Bader Ginsburg, ’from both of them in very different ways, but you… holy crap’.

The two actors made it immediately a trip through Washington and with the Trump International Hotel decided to Hammer a picture with the caption: ’When we went to Mohammed Bin Salmans house, referring to the support for Trump on the Saudi crown prince at a time when Bin Salman is accused of being behind the murder of journalist Kashoggi.

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