EU leaders do little guide to May

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BRUSSELS – During their summit in Brussels, the heads of government of the EU countries Thursday to reach out to Theresa May, as she was at least still prime minister. After a discussion of the “serious situation”, they will adopt conclusions that the agreement on the brexit in a brighter daylight. Renegotiation is however excluded.

EU president Donald Tusk wrote in his invitation letter to the leaders that they first May her story. In the conclusions, they will stress again that the EU countries really do not want a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, according to a senior EU diplomat. In addition, they will emphasize “a very intimate relationship,” to pursue after the British departure.

New legal guarantees they will not however give. “Since the time is running out, we will also use the state of the preparation of a no-dealscenario discuss,” writes Tusk.

May’s position is staggering. The Conservative party May keep Wednesday night a vote of confidence in about her.

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