Ed Sheeran continues to break records

a7fb4335496642593093c6b1b522d3df - Ed Sheeran continues to break records

‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran exceeded Tuesday, the threshold of 2 billion listens on Spotify. This is the track the most listened-to song on the streaming service. In second place is ‘One Dance’ from the Canadian rapper Drake with 1.6 billion streams, and on the third place, ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers with 1.4 billion. Know that the Morning. The British newspaper The Independent has calculated what that Sheeran has now been completed. According to their figures would Spotify’n 0,0084 dollar (0,0074 euro) per stream pay it to the rightholders. That is then divided among the writers, the label, the producer and the performer. The hit single brought about 16.8 million dollars (14.8 million euros) to Spotify streams

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