Donors Conservatives want that May remain

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LONDON – Prominent donors of the Conservative party have urged support for the British prime minister, May, message, SkyNews Wednesday. They argue in a letter that “a change of the leadership (of the party and country) the negotiations on the departure from the EU will cause damage and undesirable consequences for the country and for the Brexit and also the risky business of a government-Corbyn.” The left-radical Jeremy Corbyn of the party Labour is the principal leader of the opposition.

Theresa May.

The Conservative party will hold a vote on the fate of May. It seems its agreement with the European Union the brexit not by the parliament to be able to sheds. Evil party members have argued that her Brexitdeal not a bad one, and have suggested May way to vote.

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But by the fear of even more ’Brexitchaos’ and for a left-wing government under the leadership of Corbyn seems to be May be able the most of the 317 Conservative parliamentarians. They might promise for the coming elections. SkyNews has more than 170 members of parliament heard that they May. That is sufficient support for the premier.

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