Diane Kruger reveals finally something more about her baby

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The couple showed up to now, little about the baby.

The German-American actress Diane Kruger who last month gave birth to her first child, has finally found some more information about the girl is revealed. This report Extra.

They welcomed the baby recently, but gave no specific details about the date of birth, gender or name of the child is free. However, when Diane was asked about the baby during an interview for her film Welcome to Marwen she gave them a glimpse of how they deal with the fact that she is a new mother. “It is very rewarding. She is very small, but I’m tired. I now feel a superhero”.

The father is The Walking Dad-actor Norman Reedus. For the 42-year-old Kruger is her first child. Her friend Norman is already a father of a nineteen-year-old son Mingus Lucien, which he got with his ex, Helena Christensen.

Diane and Norman were at the beginning of last year for the first together spotted in New York. The actress was until shortly before, together with Joshua Jackson, with whom ten years had a relationship. She was previously married to French director Guillaume Canet. Diane and Norman got to know each other on the set of the movie Sky from 2015.

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