Def Dames Dope last time on tour

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It’s been lovely for sisters Axana and Larrissa Ceulemans. The two ladies from Herentals are like on stage but it’s been lovely.
In 2019 they will go one last time on tour (bookings possible until the end of november 2019), and they want every stage and festival are unsafe, and that the organisers will have known! ;). Nothing is left to chance. And that the 2 most energetic ladies from the 90s to share the stage with a few sexy and tough dancers can only result in one BIG 90s party! Book from now DEF DAMES DOPE ‘The Final Original Tour 2019’.

With hits such as ‘IT’S OK, ALL RIGHT, ‘AIN’t NOTHING TO IT’, ‘HAVIN’ A GOOD TIME’, ‘DON’t BE SILLY’, but also with some MEGA-PUMPING party medleys, they put like the last time any festival, party tent and stage on the head. That the 90s more than back you will clearly feel!

Def Dames Dope in 2019 to your event? Then you should now contact Star Entertainment.

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