Christoff speaks openly about his faith

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On Tuesday 11 december, Christoff to a series of christmas concerts, which take place in churches. His sister Lindsay is also there every time. Start he did in Izegem. The last christmas concert will take place on 30 december in Lichtervelde.
Christoff gave the occasion of these concerts an interview to Kerknet about his faith. In his childhood the singer had been quite ill and because of his trust and faith in the “above” was he a miracle of speaking. The fact that he has been able to achieve, according to him, also by the fact that he was in something believes and he is convinced that they are above never forsake them. Christoff prays regularly and that he was certainly not becoming to a church or chapel. That prayer you can say both in the car, happen in the dressing room, even behind the stage. On the way to the next gig, he can go for a paternoster read. Also has the popular singer, always a rosary in his car.

The singer will visit monthly a few sick people. That smile on the face of those people and the courage that gives them, that is Christoff so beautiful. His toughest assignment was when he was present while someone died.
Christoff has it difficult with the fact that people take offence to words like christmas or wintermarkt. “In this way disappears, namely the symbolism that we have inherited from our grandparents,” noted the singer go on.

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