Charlotte Leysen “madly in love” with English businessman

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Ketnet wrapster Charlotte Leysen has found love with a 36 year old businessman from London. “We are opposites, but you know what the cliché says”, sounds.

After Charlotte Leysen by a serious food poisoning in a deep valley came to be, she has the light found again. That is partly thanks to Mark, a 36-year-old London businessman who lives in Amsterdam. The 30-year-old actress from Shots and is “madly in love”, she says in a TV Family.

“Because I workspace forced a step back to me, I was given the opportunity to love more in my life. My new friend is called Mark and is 36. He comes from London, but lives in Amsterdam where he is a businessman. There, we learned each other at a party to know, thanks to common friends. Mark is an adventurous man who is full of passion in life. We are opposites, but you know what the cliché says: opposites attract. We enjoy our love and very much looking forward to the warm holidays”, sounds.

At the end of april drew Charlotte for Ketnet to the African Togo. There they ran a serious food poisoning, causing her stomach and intestines are heavily damaged. Nevertheless, she kept on working, but her body could not keep up, leaving them exhausted and they forced a while for a break. Therefore, she missed a number of interesting projects, which they will also be mentally difficult. Fortunately, she sees it life – also thanks to her new love – now, say that again rosy.

Three years ago, had Charlotte for a while in a relationship with David Cantens, a 37-year-old actor, who Jonas will play in the VTM-series ” Family.”

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