CFO of Huawei will be released on deposit

ecc5808f79086b68a649e4eb56660171 - CFO of Huawei will be released on deposit

The financial director of the Chinese company Huawei will be released on deposit. That a judge in Canada decided. Her arrest caused the previous days, tightly wound tensions between the US and China, on top of the handelsconflict between the two countries.

Meng Wanzhou was on december 1, arrested at the airport of the Canadian Vancouver, on suspicion of violating the U.s. sanctions against Iran. The US wanted to extradite, China reacted furiously.

Beijing accused the Canadian authorities, among others, of the human rights violation by the 46-year-old manager does not have the necessary medical care to serve in prison. The businesswoman should have already been years of suffering from high blood pressure. If retaliation was in China Tuesday, a former Canadian diplomat arrested.

But the CFO of Huawei is now released after paying a bail of 10 million Canadian dollars. According to the court, the risk that they are on the flight would store to her home country are limited by the terms that its lawyers had suggested. It included the surrender of all her passports and wearing an ankle bracelet.

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