Brussels puts extra police in on christmas market

27ae12e1ff016d5c9e18539addd0936f - Brussels puts extra police in on christmas market

BRUSSELS – The Brussels police put extra officers in on the christmas market in the town. That the mayor and police decided as a result of the shooting in the French Strasbourg with Tuesday night three people dead and thirteen injured.

The soldiers in the streets as a result of the toegenome threat of terrorism.

There are no additional soldiers, who, after the attacks in march 2016 still in the Belgian capital city patrol, deployed. Also is the threat level not increased. However, other measures, such as the placement of concrete blocks and ramhekken, of power.

The Winterpretmarkt consists of two hundred stalls in and around the Grand-place of Brussels and the stock Exchange. In addition, there are fairground attractions as a ferris wheel and merry-go-rounds, an ice rink and performances until 6 January planned.

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