Brussels prohibits Mars at Marrakesh

c8634be9f62d47ad8d40db040c8147e2 - Brussels prohibits Mars at Marrakesh

BRUSSELS – The right-wing organisations and youth associations in Belgium on Sunday, a “march against Marrakesh” wanted to keep getting no permission. The authorities have decided that “there can be no question of” consent “for brown, mars in Brussels,” said a joint statement from the mayor of Brussels and minister-president of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The extreme right-wing Outpost in action during a demonstration

The protest against the UN-migratiepact was arranged by two nationalist student societies in co-operation with the extreme right-wing organization Outpost and because of racism discredited Flemish youth movement of Shield and Friends.

According to the authorities, there is information showing that the protest is over the city can spread. Therefore, the prohibition in the entire region that consists of nineteen municipalities, including Brussels.

The Belgian prime minister approved the pact last Monday in Marrakech, on behalf of his country after coalition partner, the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) from his government had stepped because of a disagreement about the agreement.

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