Barça want to ’sleepy head wake up’ to protect

bbd310dfa413c4fce91c30e28452ee71 - Barça want to ’sleepy head wake up’ to protect

Ousmane Dembele

“It is true that Dembele a series of mistakes made, but we still stand for him in. It is up to us to him, in calmer waters, such as our with other players to succeed,” said the Spaniard against Marca.

It was Fernandez that the Frenchman to Spain, pulled out. “We knew of his sleeping problems, but saw mainly the great player that he is. If he is 27 years had been were we started, but he is still only 21 and I think that we in Barcelona are able to solve the problem.”

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Robert Fernandez

Fernandez is irritated by the media attention surrounding the incidents. “I find it all quite easy. I have often seen that players versliepen. I do wonder why this time as soon in the news. I don’t know how this could leak out. We take as a club have no steps, but I think that we the player have to go protect it.”

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Several players have already been with the attacker. Fernandez considers that very important. “A player takes advice much more quickly to a teammate.”

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