At Hag: ’of Course we play in our best formation’

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Erik ten Hag (l.) charges against Bayern on his goalkeeper Andre Onana.

“The last days plays in my head and in the heads of the staff how we technically/medically handle it,” said Erik ten Hag. “The first place in the group is important, because then you are a better starting kúnt create. But of course, we also have with the league, because we’d very much like the title. What risks are you going to? We will have some good trade-offs have to make.”

You play against The County-at home and for the cup against Roda JC. With all due respect, but you do yet not take it into account?

Ten Hag: “I always take into account opponents. And I look not only to the first games, but also to the duels on 23 december, FC Utrecht-Ajax, red.). Risks of serious injuries, you should try to close. But it’s never one hundred percent. Certainly not if you’re on the limit they must play. And that we will have against Bayern must have, because 99 percent, we have nothing.”

Against such an opponent you should still full tray in your best position?

“If you’re 99 percent of the plays, you have nothing and you get nothing.”

So you will play in your strongest position?

“Of course, we always play in our strongest formation.”

Frenkie de Jong is disappointed that Arjen Robben is not there. Do you think that also?

“I think that’s from multiple angles sin. For the public in the Netherlands because Robben was the eye catcher of the Dutch football in the last decade. He is age, but still very good. So it’s a pity that he may have been, for him, too, and also given our personal relationship.”

But if you put him against Benfica play, is his absence for you anyway is also fine?

“So you can also approach. Although it is also a challenge against such a player play well. That is taken from us.”

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