Are An Lemmens and Niels Destadsbader a couple?

aeaa8a4a16a9810c88e66bae50d7c0f3 - Are An Lemmens and Niels Destadsbader a couple?

Earlier this week it became known that An Lemmens fall in love again. The tv presenter is happy again together with a man, but who is the lucky, that is An keep. An Lemmens has a bumpy liefdesparcours. After Arne Quinze and Sean Dhondt, so there is another man in her life and because An not divulge who that is, go there are all kinds of rumors.

An is always free on her guard about her private life, that we know so relatively little about it. A reporter at her home, you have not yet see it appear in the specialized magazines. The chance that such a report ever comes is very small because An has the is not as the press understood. “I love my neighborhood away from cameras and also in my relationships I am careful”, “respond” to the presenter. Photos of An with her partner, it is something rare. And now they fell in love, remains one and the other mysterious. An is madly in love and that everyone can know and that is in large contrast with the name of her friend.

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