All the CELEBRITIES Saved by the Bell known

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André Hazes is the shirt of the body questions in Saved by the Bell.

For Saved by the Bell is a school class composed with children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old who are not on their last cases. In each episode, set two Dutch celebrities, funny, disarming, but also serious questions. And not only that: they topics the CELEBRITIES also playful commands. Of a dictation to a test, anything is possible. Know in advance the BN’ers, not what they are to expect, except that the kids have the say.

Thus, Rico Verhoeven a staredown with some of the children, ask the kids Ronnie Flex to explain his outspoken lyrics and topics they Tom Dumoulin to a real verkeerstest. Meanwhile, asking questions like “do you yourself really so tough, or do you only pretend?”, “Have you ever cheating on you?”, and “How rich are you now?”. The CELEBRITIES have nothing to prepare before the class. The only thing they need to do, is be as honest as possible, answer all the questions and as well as possible to run the commands.

The new program Saved by the Bell is a succesformat of French media conglomerate Vivendi Entertainment. The format has already been sold to tv channels in Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Lebanon, Poland and Italy and to several countries in the Middle East.

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