A pyrrusoverwinning for ‘prime minister with balls of steel’

3f728c97e1bd235bb5adb143faaaba7c - A pyrrusoverwinning for 'prime minister with balls of steel'

The British prime minister Theresa May has a vote of confidence in survived, but her Brexit deal with Europe remains equally in danger.

The strongest statement of support came from Ruth Davidson, the popular leader of the Conservatives in Scotland. ‘The prime minister has balls of steel’, tweeted they. “They put everything on the line …

The strongest statement of support came from Ruth Davidson, the popular leader of the Conservatives in Scotland. ‘The prime minister has balls of steel’, tweeted they. “They put everything on everything to get things done for our country. She has my full support.’

If Scottish find Davidson the Brexit a very bad thing for the United Kingdom, but she has Theresa May is always supported during her Brexit negotiations. Also yesterday, she went out to square behind her prime minister. The deal that May with the European Union has closed, according to her, is still the best guarantee that the exit from the EU not to complete chaos.

Davidson was Wednesday night bijgetreden by a majority of the Conservative members of parliament. In a secret vote of confidence in got 200 mps behind the prime minister, 117 cancelled their trust. This gave them more aid than was initially expected and saves them for now its prime minister.

No successor ready

The vote was Wednesday morning set in motion because 48 followers of the premier a letter had been written which indicated that they trust in her wanted to cancel. The mps were particularly hard Brexiteers that the deal May unpalatable.

Immediately had to the premier pull out all the stops to convince her (for the time being) not to let it fall. In a combative speech stressed that she would do whatever it took to get the vote to win. She also pointed rightly that her vote against a solution to the disagreement on its deal no step closer would bring.

Apparently made her words impression, because in the course of the day spoke, more and more members of parliament and ministers their support. Even ministers have a hard Brexit had argued, was too dangerous to climb her way to vote. They also realized that there is no natural successor waiting to get the stick to take over. Therefore, the divisions in the party too large.

Exit in 2022

What also played a part to her not to let it fall, was its promise not to stay until the next elections. That have normally in 2022. May promised that they against the field would be eliminated so that the party with a fresh candidate to the voter. They did that commitment in a private meeting with the members of parliament, prior to the vote. “She said that in an emotional way,” says Amber Rudd, her minister of Work and a loyal ally. “They wanted to do, but she realizes that it is no longer possible.’

The only command of May is now on to the Brexit in the right direction. But that remains to be a almost impossible task. They can be as breathing – an internal vote of confidence in them only once per year are organised and the hard Brexiteers are silenced – but she’s not reinforced from the vote.

In addition, there is still no solution for her Brexit-deal. The house of Commons, there is still always about votes and it is not that the Conservative members of parliament her agreement automatically will support.

Matter of war and peace

Therefore, she hopes to still be a ‘concession’ of the EU-27 member states over the Irish backstop. What exactly they want, remains unclear. That must she clarify at the European Summit. The 27 have, however, promised that she willingly will hear, but they continue to them that they don’t have any extra concession on the Irish border. ‘The grenskwestie after all, also about war and peace, ” says a high diplomat.

Therefore, predominates in Brussels gloom about the good outcome in the house of Commons. When that vote can take place, is at the moment uncertain. But the probability that May’s deal is eventually voted down and the Brexit ends in a no deal, remains large. That’s why in Europe the preparations that catastrofescenario plenty by.

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