Video: bizarre results in belofencompetitie

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Vincent Vermeij makes six in the Polman Stadium.

On a visit to Jong Heracles went completely wrong with the team from Groesbeek. With less than 20-0 went to Achilles about the knee. The goals were to be honest about both hemispheres.

Vincent Vermeij has made six goals for the Heraclieden. Silvester van der Water scored four times. Also Joey King hit four times goal.

Young Achilles is working on a dramatic season. After nine matches is the goal difference of of Gelderlanders 4 for and 80 against. Yet, there was no point getting caught. Heracles is at the top.

The Groesbekers lost already with 11-0 against Jong FC Emmen, with 10-0 of Young Cambuur and Young The County. Jong FC Twente kept home with 10-2.

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