Van Gils & Guests does not work so well

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Van Gils & Guests until February 28, return on the screen. As Monday was announced, there will be a daily soap in the place. “A daily talk show for ten months on a piece of fresh and compelling love just doesn’t happen,” explains network manager Olivier Goris in The Morning. That Van Gils & guests during the past months, with increasing emphasis the hot breath of Gert Late Night in the neck felt, plays according to Goris no role in the decision to take the talk show as an antenna. “Van Gils & Guests has the perception at this time. Wrongly, I think. This has nothing to do with the quality of the program or the presenter, at The last show we had just the same problem.” A problem that was solved with a subbing of The smartest man. That program had – and has – a high addictive nature, making it an ideal alternative for a daily talk show. But after the move of The smartest man in FOUR had them at One looking for a plan B. “We are then too long in the same area continue to search,” says Goris right now. With The 12th man, We’re going to Ibiza or The club of the waffle house, they tried to at One of a whole series of quiz program, but a worthy substitute for a daily talk show, was not there.

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