Until Tuesday a decision on bail Huawei CFO

bc1979ec6304639ad4e00ee8238a7bef - Until Tuesday a decision on bail Huawei CFO

The financial director of the Chinese company Huawei remains locked up in Canada. Her lawyers asked for Meng Wanzhou due to health problems, to release them on deposit, but the prosecution fears that they will flee to China. The hearing is Tuesday continued.

The businesswoman was on december 1, arrested at the airport of Vancouver, on suspicion of violating the U.s. sanctions against Iran. The USA want her extradition, China responded already furious. Monday accused Beijing of the Canadian authorities, the human rights violation by the 46-year-old manager does not have the necessary medical care. The woman should have already been years of suffering from high blood pressure, but according to Canada they will get for this medication.

Normally would on Monday decide if he or she is released on bail, but the decision is postponed until Tuesday. The prosecution fears that they will flee to China and that country has no extradition treaty with the US.

15 million dollars

The attorneys of Meng argued Monday that the terms and conditions of the deposit strictly comply with and also the costs associated with it will completely wear. Their proposal is that the woman has a deposit of about 15 million dollars (10 million euros) will pay and all her passports will return. Together with her husband she would be in Vancouver to stay, where they are 24 hours on 24 hours, an electronic bracelet to wear.

In the US, risk a Mix up to thirty years in prison.

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