Tusk: EU wants May help but the question is how

033779f27944388af375979ff0d0af49 - Tusk: EU wants May help but the question is how

BRUSSELS – The 27 EU-countries want to be prime minister Theresa May is to help the Brexitdeal by the British parliament. “The question is how to”, tweeted EU president Donald Tusk after his “long and honest discussion” with the British prime minister in Brussels in the run-up to the EU summit on Thursday about the Brexit. “It is clear that the 27 want to help.”

May is a tour along a number of capitals, began to gain support for adjustments in the last month over scheidingsakkoord between the EU and the United Kingdom. According to her she is only at the beginning of the talks with European leaders and, therefore, no new date for a vote in the house of Commons about the agreement in principle.

Monday she decided to refrain from a vote because they feared lack of support.

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