Tony Junior wants nothing more than to become a father

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“When I die and I have no children in the world, then I feel I have failed as a human being, as a man. Everything I do now, is for my children”, Tony Junior, in a candid interview with Viva. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I am next week children will want with the Moon, but in about three years I would hope to be a father. I want a young pa, my father and I care about thirty years, and that is perfect.”

Doubts about his relationship with Moon, there are not. It was love at first sight. “Yes, I thought: that is me. We followed each other for a while on Instagram and were a little on the dm and and videos to send. And when she came to see me on the stage at Mysteryland, and they app after that they are so fucking fat and attractive thought to me to see the work. I would for three weeks to Asia and sent her: ’listen, darling, I want to you would like to meet you once before I go away’. And it came to pass, and from that moment on it was clear. We are now almost one and a half years later and it is still every day more fun, nicer and more intense.”

It is not the first time that he has a future speaks. In may, shortly after the two have their relationship officially revealed, he told us all that he thinks with a Moon old. Also when he already know that he in Moon a good mom, but not yet children with to be busy.

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