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TJ Williams leads Ostend to surprising victory in Champions League

5a8d0907adc170df53161ff094d6c11b - TJ Williams leads Ostend to surprising victory in Champions League

Almost the full matchduur explained Oostende wants to Promitheas Patras. It resulted in a surprising but deserved 84-88 win. Williams (17 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists) was the driving force of a collective strong Oostende.

The Oostendenaars sum up the game beautifully. Kesteloot opened the score, Maric and Djordjevic followed his example. With a 0-6-ahead of the Filous after 1’44” asked coach Giatras immediately a time-out. Two bombs of Meier and three vrijworpen of Brown in the penultimate second helped Patras a 22-21 figures after the initial quarter. After thirteen minutes comprised all five Oostendenaars at least two errors. The error rate heroes when strong in the disadvantage of Ostend: 3 against 12.

Coach Gjergja gave full games to the youth of foreign affairs and Lambrecht. On the side of the Schwartz, Williams, and Maric did they do it neatly: Buza even 8 points to 66 %, 3 rebounds and 2 assists. Ostend, almost led 16 of the 20 mins for the rest in the 46-49 reached. The 15 assists being was the smooth interplay with the Gjergja-disciples. On Lasisi had all Oostendenaars after sixteen minutes all the way to the basket found. Patras supported especially on a onstopbare Meier (22 points to 76 %, and 3 rebounds).

In the third quarter of the names Brown and Gkikas immediately in control of the duel: 56-51 and 63-57. Williams and co kept a cool head and survived that violent period. On the half-hour looked Ostend at only one point behind (63-62). Kesteoot and Djurisic pointed the right direction in the fourth company, to: 70-76 with still 5’42” on the clock.

The Greeks were on the West-Flemings. She walked up to 78-79 but were then sloppy in the driepuntpogingen. Although William (3 to 6) and Schwartz (0 to 2), five vrijworpen in the three slotminuten untapped left, won a belligerent Ostend still 84-88. Immediately the second consecutive uitzege of the red-gels.

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