Tim Hofman is handed quarter of a million signatures

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Actually, Tim, “a great manifestation.” “But you should here but with a hundred men, so we have a useful picture to have to make.” As pictured, Tim and his supporters all 134 kinderpardongemeenten. “And there were people from the legal profession, the church’s supporters, the head of the young democrats, the christian union-young people of Perspective, Erik Scherder told about what the press does with a kinderbrein… We have to show that this is not our party is #ANGRY, but that it is broad-based.”

Tim collected more than a quarter of a million signatures. “I can’t think of. I have already had a citizens ‘ initiative submitted, when I had 40.000 signatures in three months. Now I had that within three hours. There you can see how wide it is worn.”

Later Tuesday afternoon offers Tim his petition to the responsible committee. “Then is Joël Voordewind of the christian union there, which is interesting because that’s a profile) is,” says Tim, who is at the entrance of the Second Room, the signatures already on “the entire left-wing opposition” has offered. Then Tim “please wait” and he gets speaking time in the Second Room. Then it is for him not yet ready. He wants the so-called ’entrenched’ migrant children, of which there are an estimated four hundred in the Netherlands, are allowed to stay.

“But it not only comes from us. The Bethelkerk, The Hague is still in progress, the legal profession is still to come and the science is also not silent. I do not do this on my own, everyone has his own route.”

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