The Producers is the best amateurmusicial

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Joop and Janine van den Ende.

The ceremony of the best Dutch musicalamateurs of 2018 took place in the New Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam. There is The Producers not only award-winning best musical, the production has also received recognition for best design / décor. Also is Albert-Jan Verhees praised for his performance of Leopold Bloom in The Producers. He was the award for best male lead to take home.

The musical tells the story of two lower shore became theatrical producers ‘ Max Bialystock and Leopold Bloom. They devise the plan to the worst musical of all time to make millions on deal of investment money in his own pocket to be able to cross. Than their ‘worst muscial ever’ to be a big hit, as they had not counted on. The musical is written by Mel Brooks, based on his eponymous movie from 1968.

New production

Not only foundation, and M is in the awards. The award for Best New Musical is to foundation The Theaterbakkerheij gone for their production of Troy, how to love a city is destroyed. Stadsgehoorzaal Kampen in co-operation with Fire & Flame Productions got the best ensembleprijs for the musical Footloose.

The prizes were awarded by the jury composed of Jacques d’ancona, Marianne van Wijnkoop, Lone van Roosendaal, Arno Bremers, René van Kooten and Hans Cornelissen. Also has musicalicoon Pia Douwes the to her named Special Talent Award. That was this year, Pippi-Lotte Maessen for her role as Fiona in the musical Shrek the Sempre Sereno association in Wageningen.

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