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Telenet Giants Antwerp opens half of the season Champions League with victory against Lietkabelis

3fb2129856224254630cb8e5b030228c - Telenet Giants Antwerp opens half of the season Champions League with victory against Lietkabelis

Telenet Giants Antwerp opened the second half of the Champions League with a deserved victory against the Lithuanian Lietkabelis. Not very elegant, but a victory on character, making the Giants 4 to 8 and in group C even on schedule for the fourth spot and a place in the 1/8th finals of the Champions League. The debut in the kampioenenbal is a shot in the rose.

In the first quarter was Telenet Giants Antwerp defensively sharp and ran fast basketball and with four different printing way to an 8-0 bonus. Against the switchende defense came to the Giants, however, quickly be in trouble. On the one hand, because Ismael Bako with a margin of error from the match disappeared, and on the other hand, because the Inhabitants unmercifully afwerkten. Vic Sanders developed no pace and offensive it was also difficult. Not even big Lietkabelis could after the first quarter and 16-8 in arrears with a remonte extract. The 2m17 large Note Mdndaugas Kupsas took advantage of the temporary absence of Ismael Bako scored in the paint and had the support of the Serbian Marko Cakarevic. Of 16-11 went in a not very attractive second quarter at 21-18. At 23-24, and in the sight of the rustsignaal came the Lithuanians for the first time on lead. Paris Lee was the first Antwerp bomb still for a 26-24 lead midway through. Telenet Giants Antwerp showed in the first half with a 1 on 12 shotprestatie to triples and in the total of 11 on 32 shots to record!

Telenet Giants Antwerp he came out of the dressing room. Tyler Kalinoski, Paris Lee, and the with a scorching alley-oop extracting Ismael Bako were the funders of the 31-24 and 40-30 intermediate in the advantage of the Metropoolploeg. Defensive kept the Giants strong, but Ismael Bako took home a third error. Jamar Wilson (ex-Liege Pepinster and Okapi Aalstar) scored, but after a nice drive of Dennis Donkor remained Telenet Giants Antwerp, however, dominate: 46-34 and 51-42 after three quartz.
In the slotschuifje took the nervousness with the Giants, however, comes to the fore. Dennis Donkor dropped a major bomb, but Lietkabelis was jealously set in. Paulis Valinskas scored and the Lithuanians, el 17 dispossessions left a note, came after 54-49 again in the party: 59-57. Despite the lack of vrijworpen remained the Giants, however, slightly dominate: 62-58 with a bomb of Yoeri Blades. Ismael Bako had now disappeared with five errors, but Vanes made some good defensive decisions. In a 65-64 standings and 22 seconds from the end, scored Yoeri Blades an important second three pointer in the slotkwart: 68-64!

Lietkabelis had no reaction more and Dave Dudzinski made after a fast-break with a delicious dunk in a dancing Lotto Arena for the 70-64 final. A lot of time to get from the European to enjoy success, however, there is not. Thursday following the second leg of the quarter finals of the Cup of Belgium in the Lotto Arena vs Leuven Bears. Against the team of coach Eddy Casteels should the Giants with at least eleven points to win a place in the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup.

Telenet Giants Antwerp-Lietkabelis 70-64

Telenet Giants Antwerp: Lee 13, Donkor 5, Tate 10, Vanwijn 4, Sanders 0, Vanes 6, Bako 8, Dudzinski 9, Kalinoski 15
Lietkabelis: Tarolis 9, Sinovec 6, Dimec 7, Kulvietis 2, Jasaitis 3, Kariniauskas 8, Cakarevic 10, Wilson 6, Kupsas 7, Valinskas 6

Quartz: 16-18, 10-16, 25-18, 19-22

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