’Tatum Dagelet went across the border at The Roast’

2aa916b447d34ecce4224c4adc519b01 - ’Tatum Dagelet went across the border at The Roast’

Tatum Dagelet

“Tatum Dagelet was there as an ex of Johnny, that was not so in the taste, which went a little over the border, that can also in this program,” says Koos van Plateringen on the basis of what the reporter heard. “This joke went under other about their sex lives. They took him away from everything learned and I understood from Céline that the people that actually did not need to hear all of them. But well, we have to wait and see.”

Self made Tatum no need to worry about how Johnny this would be received. “I’ve had him a long time not seen, so it really makes me not a fag.”

How the speech of Tatum extract, of 18 december on Comedy Central in The Roast or… Johnny de Mol.

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