Sven Ornelis in mourning

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It is not a fun Tuesday for Sven Ornelis. Actually, the past 7 days been a disaster for Sven Ornelis, because his favorite cat George was last week sick. Seriously ill even. “Our dear George is ill. The 6.5 yr old is he and perhaps he has a kidney failure”, wrote Sven Ornelis on Tuesday of last week on Instagram. At that time it was George in the veterinary clinic for a long-term research. Meanwhile worked for Sven, of course, continue, but in his mind he was, especially with George. “We keep our fingers crossed that there still OK news. I understand that some people love for a huisdiertje rather difficult to grasp. But we love our dearest Britjes with all of our heart. And we get so much love back. Hopefully medication can and diet help. Hope makes you live”, wrote Sven on Tuesday of last week on Instagram. A few days later if George to come home, unfortunately, not to recover but to die. George was terminally. “When you discover that something is not right, it is usually too late. Suddenly, they are lean, lazy, they drink a lot of water and they go very often to the toilet. That happened to George. 6, 5 years old,” wrote Sven on his website . “Last week, literally, jump-in-the-field. Now very aged and slow. After a week in the hospital with drips, echoes, and punctures the verdict is hard: our little hero, George, is terminally.”

That was to swallow for the many fans of Sven Ornelis that gave him strength, wished and duimden for a miracle. But unfortunately knew Sven how late it was. “95 percent of his kidneys functioning, not more. Each day or week that we have with him is stolen time. Gained time. Blissful time. Holy time”, wrote Sven a few days ago.

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