Superintendents Atletico makes sexist error

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Enrique Cerezo

Enrique Cerezo told a female televisieverslaggeefster: “I don’t like about money to talk, especially not with a woman,” he said, when the interviewster asked him if Atlético has enough money to defender Diego Godin signed a new contract.

Cristina Garcia Tirado, such as the reporter from channel Cuatro is called, the tilde itself is not heavy on the note of the president. They called Cerezo “a gentleman” and according to her he is always respectful towards her and other women. “It was an unfortunate time of the president. He had probably no very in. Sometimes he says things and he makes jokes without thinking about the consequences. But he wants to do no harm.”

A week earlier, got the French dj Martin Solveig at the award ceremony of the Golden Ball, a lot of criticism when he was on stage winner Ada Hegerberg asked if they wanted to twerken. The Norwegian football player was obviously not amused and responded with a measured “non” (no) on the request.

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