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Stoffel Vandoorne asks your help for his debut in Formula E

a6b02cce1560478e9e729040591136c1 - Stoffel Vandoorne asks your help for his debut in Formula E

This coming weekend starts the new Formula E season in Saudi Arabia. As meanwhile known also Stoffel Vandoorne on the starting grid and he asks your help.

This message on Instagram

Let’s just make it #VanBOOST ? lwa Link in my Bio

A message shared by Stoffel Vandoorne (@svandoorne) on Dec 10, 2018 at 9:39 (PST)

The Formula E is unique in the respect that the fans can play an active role in the influence of a race, but how does that exactly work?

Through the fanboost fans can online vote for their favorite rider and the five riders with the most votes on their name to get a “powerboost” during the race. The fans get every time from six days before the race the chance to vote for their favorite rider and the vote will expire when the race a quarter of an hour on the road.

You have three ways to vote. First, it can you to surfing and your voice through this site to release only condition is that you register. A second possibility is a tweet sent by #FANBOOST plus a hashtag with the first name and surname in one word, for example #StoffelVandoorne. Third, you can also use the Formula E app your vote.Per day there can be a maximum of one vote per person will be issued per stemkanaal.

Now you’re ready for your favorite rider to vote. Stoffel Vandoorne asks already using instagram to for to vote for him…

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