Stench by toxic cloud of smoke in the centre of Rome

7e348fd7fa9935133d85a719ed1a8fd4 - Stench by toxic cloud of smoke in the centre of Rome

ROME – A afvalinstallatie in Rome, that night in the fire is flown for a gigantic cloud of smoke above the city taken care of. The afvalinstallatie stands on the Via Salaria, not far from the centre of Rome.

Smoke from the fire flew afvalinstallatie in Rome.

The smell is also big in the centre of the city. The municipality has recommended that people as little as possible on the street and the windows of the houses close where the stench is smelled.

“It is clear that the smoke is toxic, because there is waste oil and plastic burned”, as was the president of district III of Rome Giovanni Caudo know. But he added that the firefighters do everything to ensure that the puff of smoke, not to the center. Still, it was the stench is indeed continued in the centre.


There are twelve brandweerteams spent the entire morning working to keep the flames of the huge complex to extinguish the fire. The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, has issued a call to everyone in the Lazio region and even to the other regions in Italy to the waste disposal authority AMA in Rome, to help. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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