Sophie Hilbrand went strange

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Waldemar ‘ and Sophie Hilbrand

“Just at the end of the relationship, as honestly if I want to”, explains Sophie in Dutch tv-guide Veronica. “I can’t do that sneaking, cheating. So immediately after confessed, I the on and it was the end of the already difficult relationship.”

These problems are partly caused by a poor way of communicating. “I’m not saying what I have on my heart. I’m a bit masculine, maybe. However, things try to let it show, but not appoint. But that is me getting better.”

This is borne out by her current relationship. To say that she has learnt a lot. “If I were my equal, you want to get, and that I would quite like, then he says: ‘do you Think it is still interesting what I about to say?’ He teaches me to ask questions instead of me attacked and to feel. I also think often: ’you’re not listening to me as me, not equal returns. But that means, of course, nowhere.”

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