Slow ’plasticvanger’ hold plastic is not fixed

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ROTTERDAM – The ’plasticvanger’ of the project, The Ocean Cleanup has to do with a disappointment. The by Dutchman, Boyan Slat invented cleaning system moves too slowly and keep the plastic in the Ocean is collected is not fixed, making it unable to be revived.

A spokesman for the project The Ocean Cleanup, confirms the notification from the Volkskrant on this matter. The team tries to hitch as quickly as possible to resolve. Slat is not taken aback by this bad luck, because he kept in advance account with this kind of surprises, says the spokesman. He also has good news: in the 600-meter-long arm of the sea floats, and as the plastic starts, not in the sea, living creatures are found.

In the Great Ocean, to float millions of pounds of waste. That ’plastic soup’ is dangerous for animals. The system needs to garbage collect, so it can be scooped up and taken away, in an attempt that the seas are cleaner.

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