Setback for ‘The Ocean Cleanup’: slow ‘plasticvanger’ hold plastic is not fixed

5c545db9e8622657b0eee560aa887a8b - Setback for ‘The Ocean Cleanup’: slow ‘plasticvanger’ hold plastic is not fixed

The ‘plasticvanger’ of the project, The Ocean Cleanup has to do with a disappointment. The by Dutchman, Boyan Slat invented cleaning system moves too slowly and keep the plastic in the Ocean is collected is not fixed, making it unable to be revived.

A spokesman for the project The Ocean Cleanup, confirms the notification from the Volkskrant on this matter. The team tries to hitch as quickly as possible to resolve. Slat is not taken aback by this bad luck, because he kept in advance account with this kind of surprises, says the spokesman. He also has good news: in the 600-meter-long arm of the sea floats, and as the plastic starts, not in the sea, living creatures are found.

Slat is a 24-year-old Dutchman who, five years ago, The Ocean Cleanup, founded. In september, it was invented in Alameda, near San Francisco, to water left. The installation is 600 meters long, is called System 001 but got the name Wilson. She was 450 miles away in the ocean dragged.

The goal is to get the plastic soup in the ocean micro beads to clean up. The amount of waste in the Pacific Ocean is 50 times larger than the area of Belgium, and weighs in at 113 million pounds. Slat wants within five years to halve, and the waste continue to halve until everything is cleaned up. Within a few months the first plastic waste arriving in the port of San Francisco. There is the first to be analyzed, especially to find out where all that plastic just came from, and then by recycling industries incorporated.

Dream come true

For the young Boyan Slat, the Ocean Cleanup a dream. He is already doing at the high school and left his university studies for the shoot. “I am with nothing else engaged,” he said in dS Weekblad, ‘I do not agree on and agree to sleep. I dream of it even. But as I’m not so focused was it never happened.’


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