Sarah Hyland received kidney from father and brother

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Sarah Hyland

In an interview with Self tells Hyland spoke frankly about the medical issues that they have been experiencing as a result of the nierdysplasie. In 2012 she got her first donornier of her father, but four years later her body the body again to divest.

“I underwent all kinds of treatments to the kidney to the rescue. I was in the hospital with Christmas, New years, Thanksgiving and my birthday.” But unfortunately, the kidney in may of 2017 still to be removed. In addition to the nierdysplasie got Hyland also has a hernia and endometriosis for which she had to be operated. Her younger brother Ian decided Sarah to want to help his kidney to her. In 2017 was the 18-year-old brunette was again under the knife.


Although the operation went well, she had yet to cope with depressive feelings. “If a family member helps you to stay alive, and that does not work, it feels almost like your own fault. That is not, of course, but that’s how it feels.” There was also a period in which the actress actually no longer wanted to live. “I wanted my brother not to disappoint you as I have for my feeling also my father was disappointed.” Fortunately, she could speak very well about her feelings and returned them, little by little, the strength to go on, and her depression to overcome.

“She still has difficult days. She is what her kidneys also still not healthy,” says a source to People. “But now things are going well with her. She swallows medication for her kidneys, but has made them more susceptible to diseases. They should be careful. She is chronically ill and she will all her life to have to go. Sarah works hard to make that better.”

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