’Ruud de Wild works in the red light district’

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Ruud de Wild

The Wild in this way, the homeless will have a heart under the belt stitches for whom december is a difficult month. They have, according to Ruud, often do not have the choice with whom they have christmas to celebrate. “I celebrate it with my children, with my friends, or alone”, says Ruud on the way he the holidays can spend. “Enough choices. And I feel blessed that I make the right choice. In fact, as I would like, I would the christmas season at all in my own can spend. Because I choose to have. But imagine that you choice not have.”

During the live broadcast, the radioman talking with the temporary residents of the shelter and hears the stories of the street. Also Novastar comes along, who, together with musicians from the Salvation Army, a song is playing.

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