Russian goes espionage in the U.S. confess

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The spy accused Maria Boetina is guilty plead after making a deal with the ministry of justice has closed. That report American media.

Previously denied Boetina that they are for Russia was spying. According to American media, the 30-year-old Boetina now and the debt found in exchange for a milder punishment.

The Russian is suspected that she is a Russian spy who infiltrated in the NRA and the Republican Party. In July, she was arrested.

The authorities asked her when as a devious temptress that sex used for spionagedoeleinden. But the latest court documents there is no mention of, writes The New York Times. They on the other hand is more presented as a hand puppet of powerful men who have her helped to infiltrate the NRA and the Republican Party.

Wednesday appears Boetina in the court. The deal means that she is going to cooperate with the investigation in exchange for a short prison sentence, or may be a release. Perhaps it is out of the country off.

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